The above video captures a mostly optimistic explanation of the events which take place during the annual San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain. The celebration occurs over the course of a week, and it includes the world famous Running of the Bulls each morning. And, while the San Fermin has been a key player in many bucket lists, it has also been famously reframed as a sobering tale of excess and human stupidity.

Few writers have been able to simultaneously capture and critique the attitudes of their time period the way that Ernest Hemingway did when he wrote The…

Daniel Day-Lewis as the complicated oil man Daniel Plainview

There Will Be Blood, Paul Thomas Anderson’s 2007 cinematic adaptation of Oil by Upton Sinclair, finds its thematic focal point in deconstructing the relationship between capitalism and religion in America. Through its complex characters, the film illustrates ways in which the two ideologies have been either battling for or uncomfortably sharing power throughout the narrative of American history.

The film is set in California during the early 20th century: a time when control of oil dictated the prosperity of businessmen and survival of local communities. The core conflict revolves around a scheming oil prospector portrayed by the legendary Daniel day-Lewis…

Growing up, my mother made King Ranch Chicken at least once a month. You may think that’s a lot considering how many weekday lunches it would count towards, but I couldn’t blame her. It’s easy to prepare, totally customizable, cheap, and we never grew tired of it. Since moving out of my parents’ house and researching other variations of the recipe, my version has evolved into its own expression of this weeknight superstar. …

If you could put a warm hug in a bow, it would look like this.

You’re going through a breakup, which is tough regardless of which side you’re on. Even if you were the one to end it, adjusting to life without that special someone can take some time. You may feel anxious, tired, uncomfortable, and weary of explaining what happened every time you show up to an event alone. But as you experience this new season of your life, there are some day-to-day items that still require your attention, particularly food.

You‘re strong. In fact, you’re stronger than you think. …

The past two years have been quite a ride for my theology, and I don’t really know where to begin. My own life has changed significantly in that time, having been through two relationships, graduated college, and moved, but that almost feels separate from what’s occupied my mind for most of this time.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my relationship with scripture recently, which has always been true for me, but it’s different now.

For such a long time, reading the Bible was always a work of the Spirit for me.

It was wieghtless.




And soft.

Morgan Wood

English teacher, film lover, home cook, writing about all three.

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